Finding the Best Outdoor Speakers

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Finding the Best Outdoor Speakers

Welcome to our guide to the Best Outdoor Speakers, which will look at Mounted Outdoor Speakers and Wireless Outdoor Speakers, based on value for money, performance, ease of use and consumer feedback.

If there is one thing you can never predict, it is the weather. Whether we are talking about extreme heat or cold, or even crazy storms, in today’s world sometimes the weather can be extreme. Of course, just because the weather is crazy, doesn’t mean you don’t want to enjoy great tunes outside..

Baring that in mind, we at SpeakerNinja have compiled a list of speakers that we think will endure the most extreme weather events, while still pumping out sweet tunes. Whether they are wired or wireless, these speakers have been found to be quite reliable by various users, delivering both in durability, reliability and overall audio quality.

Best Mounted Outdoor Speakers

Yamaha NSAW150W

Yamaha-NS-AW150WH-Best Outdoor speakers

The Yamaha NSAW150W is an incredibly durable outdoor speaker with one user stating that his entire porch had been wiped away by a tornado, but the speaker stayed mounted and still worked afterwards. The speaker is said to offer good mid and high frequency ranges, but there was a report of the bass being potentially too overpowering, drowning out some of the higher frequencies. Bare in mind, one can always mess around with equalizers to get better frequency responses. Vocals are said to be clear and audible, which would indicate that the mid and higher frequencies are as clear as most users have mentioned. The speakers measure at 5.41 x 10.125 x 6.16 inches (W x H x D) and have a 120 watts maximum power capacity. The Yamaha NSAW150W are definitely a great buy due to their superb all-round performance, durability and excellent price.

Definitive Technology NECB (Single)

Definitive Technology NECB (Single) outdoor speaker

The Definitive Technology NECB outdoor speaker has become a favorite of many users. It sells as a single speaker, but apparently its performance is great; offering excellent overall loudness with great bass and good mid and high frequency responses. One user did however point out that he wasn’t too happy with the the mids and highs, but their were many reviews countering this view. Its frequency response is 40 Hz – 30 kHz, which means it is able to reach some really low notes and some decently high treble notes at the same time. The speaker is described as having a ‘racetrack’ shaped bass driver which is responsible for the low end goodness. The Definitive Technology NECB’s ability to function under most weather conditions makes this the perfect outdoor speaker for patio parties or garden parties. And if this was coupled with another Definitive Technology NECB, you will definitely be getting an incredible sound experience for your outdoor enjoyment.

Polk Atrium 5


The Polk Atrium 5 outdoor speakers is said to deliver a nice and clean sound overall with a tight bass, rich mids and a crisp high end. The Anodized Aluminum Tweeter Dome, which is surrounded by rubber is said to withstand the elements and users have pointed out that the overall design of the Atrium 5s is solid and durable and they have not had issues with wear and tear from excessive exposure to the elements. One user pointed out that people who enjoy lots of bass may need to look for another outdoor speaker, as these do deliver a clean and tight bass response, but not the boomy bass that some want. The speaker system installation is said to be straight-forward, with the bracket system being very user friendly. The Polk Atrium 5 speaker system is a great speaker for those who enjoy good, clean music without too much bass.

Klipsch KHO-7

Klipsch KHO-7-outdoor-speaker

The Klipsch KHO-7 speakers have received praise for their awesome audio quality, with a lot of users saying they delivered really great high frequency responses and a good bass response. Its frequency response range is around 65hz -20khz, which means they cover most of the frequencies and they do so pretty well apparently. They have a peak handling capacity of 300-watts, with users saying they get loud enough to fill large outside areas. One issue some users found was that they do have a tendency to rust in marine environments, though not the speaker cones themselves, but the protective grill on the front. This could mean that these would work well in enclosed environments possibly, however, in wet and damp conditions, the moisture tends to rust anything metal. The Klipsch KHO-7 is a really good audio quality delivering system, but the grills may need to be treated with some kind of rust protection spray.

Best Wireless Outdoor Speaker

OSD Audio BTP-525WHT

OSD Audio BTP-525WHT - Outdoor speakers

The OSD Audio BTP-525WHT outdoor Bluetooth speakers are an all weather design and are said to be quite durable. Users said they delivered a good audio quality, but added that they are not high fidelity movie speakers, but a loudspeaker system, meaning they deliver your basic audio needs but they do so in a very satisfying way. They are said to pair quite easily with Bluetooth enabled devices, however, their range may not be long enough for some. Users also pointed out that the on/off switch can be in quite an awkward position once mounted. Some users have found that the audio is more mid frequency focused, but lacking some high and low range frequencies. The OSD Audio BTP-525WHT does however deliver a decent sound quality for the outdoor environment.

Sound Appeal SA-FREE6-CN

Sound Appeal SA-FREE6-CN Outdoor Speaker

The Sound Appeal SA-Free6-CN is a rock designed speaker that will fit into your garden perfectly. Users suggest it offers an excellent overall sound quality, but some found that it may need some additional bass. Its Bluetooth range and reception is great and its 60W amplifier means it is easily able to fill a backyard with the great audio. Users also pointed out that they showed no sign of distorting at high volumes and they managed to maintain their clear mid and crisp highs when pushed. The Sound Appeal SA-FREE-CN didn’t receive many negative reviews, and based on this one naturally assumes that they are an excellent wireless outdoor speaker addition that would almost certainly match most gardens.

Sound Appeal SA-BLAST5-BL

Sound Appeal SA-BLAST5-BL best outdoor wireless speaker

The Sound Appeal SA-Blast5-BL outdoor wireless speaker is said to be a really durable outdoor speaker that has long range V3.0 Bluetooth technology. Users have described the mid and high frequencies as clean and rich, and have been happy with the bass response too. Some did find however that it did not go as loud as they had hoped. They are said to pair easily with Bluetooth enabled devices and are easy to set up, making these speakers quite user friendly. Each speaker’s dimensions are 9.50″ x 7.25″ x 4.00″, so they are not obnoxiously big and their overall design is quite aesthetically pleasing. The Sound Appeal SA-BLAST5-BL is a great outdoor monitor that delivers a great overall sound that most would find ideal.

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