Common Problems with Cheap Speakers

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Common Problems with Cheap Speakers

Have you invested in good quality speakers or did you decide to cut costs by buying cheap speakers? While you can find good deals sometimes on great quality speakers, I have often found that you get what you pay for when it comes to speaker quality. If you aren’t sure if your speakers are any good, or if you bought cheap speakers, let’s look at common problems you may encounter with them while you use them.

Cheap Design

Often cheap speakers aren’t made with the same build quality as the high cost alternatives. You should be able to tell almost instantly. If they are lightweight, or are made using cheaper materials such as particle board or plastic, then you know you have a design that just doesn’t quite cut the mustard. These speakers will feel cheap, and they probably won’t last. One little fall or an unfortunate bump could damage these speakers beyond repair.

Lack of Durability

One thing I have noticed about cheap speakers is their lack of durability. Now I’m not just talking about when you move them. Over time, the rattle and vibration will wear out the internal components much faster compared to high quality speakers. The end result is a speaker that starts malfunctioning. You could start hearing static, or may not even come on at all. If you want something that is built to last, you simply must open your wallet to get something high quality.

Low Volumes

Cheap speakers simply don’t have the volume range found on the more expensive speakers out there. Sure, this can often depend on what you are using to power them. However, the poor quality components often don’t have the power to really pump out the sound when you need it most without turning to static or even blowing entirely. If you want something that will really pump out the sound and annoy your neighbors, then a high quality set is simply a must.

Poor Sound Quality

Now this is the big one. We all want our music and movies to sound great, whether we are watching on a computer or on your television through a home theater system. The fact is cheap speakers just don’t have the audio range of high end models. Often your low end or even high ends will be left off the list of sound reproduction, leaving you with an incomplete sound. Even worse, sometimes the audio will just sound muddy, giving you a very poor listening experience compared to high end models. There is nothing worse than bad sound when you are trying to enjoy your favorite tunes, but that’s exactly what you will find if you buy cheap speakers.

Parting Thoughts

While you can sometimes find great deals on speakers, I don’t recommend skimping on the speakers. Sure, there are some great, affordable speakers out there, but many cheap speakers just aren’t worth it in the end. Your sound quality will be poor, your volume range limited, and they just won’t last compared to other speaker systems out there.

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