The Effects of Dust on Speakers

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The Effects of Dust on Speakers

If you are already a fan of high end speakers for listening to music, watching movies, or even quality computer speakers, you already know you should keep them clean. But did you know that the effects of dust on speakers could be hurting your system? Sure, most of us know that water and other liquids are the enemy of high quality electronics, but even something as simple as dust can damage your speakers without you even realizing it. Today, let’s look at the effects of dust on speakers and why you should clean them often.

Effects of Dust on Speakers

Speakers that accumulate dust not only look bad, but there can be a few other effects that you won’t find too tasteful.

1. They Look Bad

Dirty speakers don’t look very good, and while this one may be more superficial compared to the others, it is important. After all, who wants a house that looks dirty? I know I don’t. In the grand scheme of things, dust isn’t that bad so why let it sit there on your speakers making things look dirty even if they’re not?

2. Muffled Sound

If enough dust accumulates on the front of your speakers, you could find that the overall quality of your sound will diminish. I’ve read countless examples of people who cleaned their speakers and noticed a huge difference after they did. If your sound is starting to sound a bit muffled, try giving your speakers a good dusting. You could find that the sound starts to clear after a quick dusting and if you give them a good cleaning, your speaker quality could improve dramatically. Your mileage may vary, of course.

3. Bad Connections

If dust does manage to make its way inside the casing where your wires connect, and it can easily do that, it could begin to interrupt the electric signals your speakers use to push out the sound you love. This can result in crackling noises, shorts in cables, or even complete disconnects in more extreme cases.

Removing Dust

Removing dust from your speakers is the easiest of anything you will have to clean, so it makes me wonder why we often avoid this simple task. Still, all you will need is a lint-free cloth and a few minutes of your time to do it. To remove dust, gently wipe away the dust from all your speaker surfaces and connectors. Don’t press too hard on your speaker components as you don’t want to damage them. For more information on cleaning your speakers, check out my previous article on cleaning your speakers.

Parting Thoughts

Dust is such a simple thing, and while when you think about what dust really is, it’s kind of gross but it’s still very easy to remove. How often you perform this process will depend on your home and the location of your speakers. After all, some speakers accumulate more dust than others. Still, keep an eye on your speaker cabinets. When you see dust, clean it. Try including your speakers when you dust your entire house. Keeping dust away from speakers can help them sound better and last longer, so why not perform this simple task? It could mean the difference between amazing sound for years to come or low quality sound and speakers that will need replacing much sooner than you originally expected.

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