Five Mistakes People Make When Home Theater Speaker Shopping

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Five Mistakes People Make When Home Theater Speaker Shopping

When shopping for home theater speakers, you need to make sure you find the right speakers for your needs. Unfortunately, there are many common mistakes people make when home theater speaker shopping. Even those of us that know what we are doing can easily fall into these traps. Today, let’s look at five of these common mistakes so you can recognize them when you are shopping.

1. You purchased an all-inclusive set.

While these may be alright for basic needs, the fact is to get the best sound, you will need specialized equipment. Often these sets of home theater speakers excel in one area but fall way short in others. If you are big into sound like a true audiophile, then you won’t be satisfied with one of these sets.

2. You focused too much on the bass.

In the store it’s easy to focus on the bass a set of speakers are pumping out. After all, who doesn’t love a good bass thump. However, just because the bass is great, doesn’t mean the mids and highs coming from the left and right speakers and the center channel is good enough to give you a well rounded sound. Try to focus on all aspects of the sound and don’t get lost in the bass.

3. You bought small cube speakers.

I know those small cube speakers look great and they don’t take up much space. Your significant other may want you to get those, too. However, these small speakers may look good but that’s about all they are good for when you start using them. When your sound starts getting loud, and in large rooms loud can mean just filling the room, the sound can get muddy and the speakers may even buzz. That’s because they simply aren’t large enough to push the kind of sound you want.

4. You bought underpowered speakers.

This is a common mistake mainly due to deceptive advertising that is allowed. You will see a total power output of 200 watts and you think to yourself, that’s more than enough. However, total power output is the total power of all your speakers combined. That means if you have a 5 piece speaker system, you probably only have around 40 watts per speaker. If your room is decent size, that’s nowhere near enough power to give you good sound on your home theater system.

5. You placed them in the wrong place.

Okay, this isn’t so much a shopping mistake, but a mistake you make when you bring them home. Instead of placing them the way they were designed, you add them here and there or wherever there is free space. In some cases, you may even place them inside something. The end result, of course, is your sound is muffled and not properly balanced. When placing your speakers, pay attention to the instructions on how they should be arranged so you get the most out of them you can.

Final Thoughts

It’s very easy to make these mistakes, but by knowing about them, perhaps you can prevent yourself from making these same mistakes. The goal is to select high quality speakers, by understanding these common mistakes, you can find a great set of home theater speakers that you will love.

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