How to Deal with Bluetooth Speaker Stutter

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Bluetooth Speaker Stutter

Is your audio experience continually interrupted by a stutter in your Bluetooth speaker?  Believe it or not, it is a common problem.  Just think about the amount of data that is being transmitted via Bluetooth?  While most is compressed, it is a lot different than powering a simple mouse.  So what do you do if you experience stutter?  Let’s take a look at a few things you can try to put a stop to it.

Close Extra Apps

In most cases, the stutter is not the speaker but the computer itself slowing down for whatever reason.  If you are experiencing stutter, your computer could just be running more things at once than is probably necessary.  Go through your system and close any apps that are running that you don’t need.  Try giving it a reboot as well if you really want to start clean.

Move Your Speaker

Sometimes, you could have the speaker placed at the very limits of its range or the range of your system.  Many Bluetooth based systems have a range of around 30 feet, but that is just a guideline.  A lot can change based on the room you are in and your home.  Try moving the speaker a little close to the device to see if that clears up the stutter.

Update Drivers

Sometimes it can be a simple driver problem if you are on a computer.  In other cases, your mobile device could be in need of an update itself.  Try running all the updates and update any Bluetooth related drivers before you try your speaker again.

Try Other Speakers

Sometimes, your device may just not like the speaker you have chosen.  Try connecting a different set of speakers and see if you have the same problem.  If you don’t, there could be a compatibility issue with that speaker and your particular device.  While this is rare, I have seen it happen.  Sometimes it may be hard to find other speakers, but if you can, you could discover the source of your problem much more quickly.

Try Another Device

If you are having problems on your computer, try pairing it with your mobile phone instead.  If music sounds crisp and clear with no stutter on there, you know it is an issue on your computer.  This way you can narrow down the problem so you don’t have to spend hours troubleshooting the wrong thing.  Once you locate the source of the issue, you can spend your time trying to fix that specific issue instead of just sitting there frustrated and spending hours trying to fix it yourself.


Dealing with speaker stutter can be very frustrating.  Trust me, I know from experience.  However, by following the steps above, chances are you can narrow down the problem and even fix it once and for all.  Be patient and work through each step until you find the source of the problem.  In the end, you should be able to figure out what is going on and make the necessary fixes so you can again enjoy music without the annoying disruption of lag or other types of stutter.

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