How to Pair Bluetooth Speakers in Windows 10

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How to Pair Bluetooth Speakers in Windows 10

We live in a wireless world today. So why would you want to bother with speakers for your computer that include long, unwieldy cables? Why not instead try a pair of Bluetooth speakers? These speakers sound great and will free you from cables on your computer.

Of course, if you are running a desktop, this may not be as important. But if you use a laptop and you are on the road, having a pair of Bluetooth speakers can give you access to much better sound without having to deal with a bunch of cables everywhere you go. For me, that’s reason enough to grab a pair of Bluetooth speakers. After all, the speakers on most laptops aren’t all that great. Often they are weak and just won’t get loud enough. Even if they do, they usually sound tinny and most of the low end is often lost.

With a decent pair of Bluetooth speakers, however, you can get much better audio out of your laptop wherever you go. But, you will have to pair them. Let’s look at what you need to do to pair Bluetooth speakers in Windows 10.

Pairing Bluetooth Speakers

It isn’t tough to pair your Bluetooth speakers. Here are the steps you need to take:


1. Turn On Your Bluetooth speakers.

2. Press Windows+I to open Windows Settings. Alternately, you can click on Start and then click the Cog Icon.

3. Click Devices.

4. Under the Bluetooth tab, make sure your Bluetooth is set to On.

5. Under that same tab, select your speakers from the list of devices you can pair. Before you see your speakers, you may have to press a button on your speakers. Refer to your speakers included instructions for what you need to do to get them ready to pair.

6. Click Pair.

After a few seconds, your speakers should pair with Windows 10. In most cases, Windows 10 will handle the rest and will switch your speakers to your newly paired Bluetooth speakers. If it doesn’t make the switch, here is what you need to do:

1. In the taskbar, right-click on the Volume Icon.

2. Select Playback devices.

3. Choose Your Bluetooth Speakers.

4. Click Apply and close the Sound preferences.

Remember, in most cases you won’t have to worry about this step, as Windows should do it for you. But I have seen the occasion where Windows won’t make the switch automatically even after you have paired your speakers. By manually selecting it, that should do the trick. Once you do that, you will be able to hear all the sound coming from your Bluetooth speakers, while your laptop speakers remain silent.

Parting Thoughts

Connecting a quality set of Bluetooth speakers to your laptop is a great way to gain access to much better sound without having to deal with a mass of cables everywhere you go. They will improve your sound, meaning audio and video will sound much better while you’re on the road. Just make sure you don’t tick off people around you when you use them. In those cases, I would stick with headphones.

Do you use Bluetooth speakers on your laptop? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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