Problems You Will Encounter If Your Speakers Are Too Big

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Problems You Will Encounter If Your Speakers Are Too Big

As much as we love power here in our speakers here at SpeakerNinja, it is possible to have speakers that are too powerful. I’m sure you are thinking I’m crazy, but hear me out on this before you completely dismiss me.

If you buy speakers that are too big and powerful for your room, then you will enounter a few problems when you are using them. Today, we will talk about each one briefly so you can understand the importance of buying speakers that match your room.

Muddy Sound

When you have speakers that are too powerful, your sound will easily bounce off the walls in your room. This will make it difficult to hear all the different frequencies as each soundwave will compete with each other as they bounce around the room. Because of this, the sound quality of your speakers will suffer, but they won’t be to blame. They are just too much for the room.

Room Rattles

I had a set of speakers that used to rattle my room and shake the windows every time I used them. What I found was that to get a good sound I had to turn them up a bit but even a minor increase in volume was too much for the room. Because of this, my sound quality really suffered, because of the added noise of my trembling room and windows every time I cranked up the volume just a little.

Turning Them Down

If your speakers are too powerful, you will find yourself always trying to turn them down to save your poor ears. Now we all know you need a little volume to get halfway decent sound quality out of any speakers, but if you turn them down you will miss out on some of the more subtle sounds present in music and even movies and video games.

Physical Size

Most speakers that are more powerful are also larger. This means that they can easily swallow a room and take up quite a bit of space. They may even look completely out of place in your room. While I tend to emphasize function over fashion, you don’t want something so large that it takes over your room. You want speakers that fit well with your room in both looks and sound.


As you can see, purchasing speakers that are designed for the size of the room in which they will live is important. If you overbuy, not only will you spend more money than you really needed to, but you will not be impressed with the sound.

Remember, more power is great, but it isn’t always the answer. If you speakers are too big you will run into problems. If you speakers are too much for the room, you will miss out on true quality sound that you were looking for in the first place. So, when you are shopping for your next set of speakers, make sure you take into account the room in which they will be used before you buy them. Trust me, you will be glad you did.

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