Should You Choose Bluetooth or Wi-Fi Speakers?

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In the world of wireless speakers, there are two main choices that you are faced with – Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.  Which one you choose largely depends on your needs and what you hope to accomplish with your new audio setup.  This, as you may have guessed, can be confusing for many users and especially those who don’t have much knowledge in the whole speaker arena.  Today, let’s look at a few factors that should help you make the right choice.

Sound Quality

While there are some great speakers on both sides of the speaker fence, you will tend to find more high quality speakers in the Wi-Fi camp.  They just have the ability to drive more sound with a little better quality compared to their Bluetooth counterparts.  That doesn’t mean that you can find great speakers that are Bluetooth, however.  So if you want to stick to Bluetooth, don’t despair.  It’s just that you will find a little better sound out of Wi-Fi options.


Price is something that is always on the mind when you are shopping for almost anything.  Let’s face it, we don’t all operate with unlimited budgets.  Bluetooth speakers tend to be much more affordable than their Wi-Fi counterparts.  While there are affordable Wi-Fi options, you will get a much better deal if you choose to go with Bluetooth.


Wi-Fi speakers, despite being wireless, aren’t the most portable devices out there.  They tend to be a little larger and aren’t really built to travel.  They are made to be placed throughout your home to provide music almost anywhere you go.  If you are looking for a speaker to take with you, Bluetooth is your best option, hands down.

Ease of Use

Not everyone is an audio expert.  In fact, most just want something easy so they can start listening to music right away.  If you are going for simple, Bluetooth is the way to go.  Turn it on, pair it up and you will be listening in the matter of just a couple of minutes tops.  On the other hand, Wi-Fi speakers require you to connect them to your network and set them up throughout your home.  This makes them much more difficult to setup, especially for novices.

Your Home

The size of your home and the area that you want to cover with sound is a huge determining factor.  If you are looking to fill just one room or you have a small house, then a Bluetooth speaker may be sufficient.  On the other hand, if you have a multi-level home, you are probably going to want to go with Wi-Fi to spread out the music across your home.


When shopping for the right speakers, it is important to remember these factors when choosing between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speakers.  Understanding the differences will help you identify which ones would be a better fit for you and your needs so you make the right choice when you are ready to make your purchase.

So what type of speakers do you use?  Let me know in the comments below.

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