Are You Listening to Your Speakers Too Loud?

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Are You Listening to Your Speakers Too Loud

Have you ever wondered if you are listening to your speakers too loud? If you aren’t sure, then why not check out a few of these warning signs that you may be listening to speakers too loudly. If you don’t, you aren’t just missing out on quality sound, but you could be hurting yourself in the process.

Your Ears Are Ringing

If your ears are ringing after you have been using your speakers, then chances are your speakers are just too loud. The ringing you hear in your ears when everything goes silent is your brain reacting to the damage to the delicate parts of your inner ear.  Many people experience this at one time or another, but if you are constantly hearing it, it’s time to turn that volume down when you are listening to your speakers.

Sounds Are Muddled

If the sound coming out of your speakers sounds muddy, and you are confident that there is nothing wrong with the speakers, chances are you just have them turned up too much for the room in which you are in. In this case, the sound waves are bouncing all over the place and interfering with one another. This causes the sound to seem muddy instead of clear. If you turn down the volume, the sound will again become clear.

Your Room Shakes

If your room or house shakes anytime you turn on your speakers, it’s a good bet that you have them turned up way too much. Each room can only handle so much sound before it becomes too much for the room. When this happens your walls will shake and your windows will rattle. While you may love the loud sound, especially with music, the quality of your sound is suffering so turn it down a few notches.

You Are Getting Headaches

If your head starts pounding after long stretches listening to music or watching movies with large, booming sound, then it’s probably time to crank it down a few notches. The onslaught of sound on your ears won’t just cause damage to your ears, but also cause your head to start pounding as well. If you turn it down while you are listening, your head will thank you, as you won’t experience those headaches anymore.

You Have Trouble Hearing

Are you constantly saying what or pardon when someone is speaking to you at a normal volume? If there is any background noise do you find that you are struggling understanding what people are saying? If so, then you could have some hearing loss. If this is due to all the loud music you are listening to, then turn down those speakers. Do it before the damage becomes permanent or even worse.

Parting Thoughts

Listening to speakers that are too loud not only hurts the quality of what you are hearing, but can damaging your hearing in the process. If you have experienced anything we have discussed above, then the time has come for you to turn down the volume before you cause any serious and permanent damage.

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