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Amazon Echo

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  • Convenient
  • Voice-assistance
  • Various “skills”
  • Practical
  • Improving list of skills and features
  • Controls smart homes


  • Bad customer support
  • A few customers received defective devices

Bottom Line

The Amazon Echo is a versatile and convenient hands-free, voice-assisted smart speaker that will make your life significantly easier, but the customer support may be poor and there are a few defective devices being sent out.

The Amazon Echo portable speaker has received positive reviews for its super intuitive and interactive voice assistant system, with users able to give it various commands depending on its “skills”. Users liked its ability to control smart homes, its practicality and its ever improving list of features and capabilities. However, some people found that they had received defective devices and a few others had issues with customer support. All-in-all, the Amazon echo has received over 48k positive reviews praising the speakers capabilities, but if you receive a malfunctioning device you may have a difficult time resolving your issue with customer support.

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  • 83 February 15, 2016

    More than a year after its debut, the Echo is smarter than ever, and one of the best connected home products money can currently buy.

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