Anker AK-99ANSP9901-BSA portable wireless Bluetooth speaker

Anker AK-99ANSP9901-BSA

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  • Excellent 15-20 hour battery life
  • Great bass response
  • Loud overall sound volume


  • Lacks some high frequencies
  • Tends to distort at higher volumes

Bottom Line

The Anker AK-99ANSP9901-BSA Bportable Bluetooth speaker has a great battery life and great bass response.However, at louder volumes it can distort. Great speaker for those looking for long playtime at reasonable volumes where it wont distort.

The Anker AK-99ANSP9901-BSA is a top seller that has received positive remarks for its lengthy 15-20 hour battery life, the fact that it comes with a carrying case for dust and water protection, great bass response compared to others in its price range and its overall sound volume. However, its lack of highs and the distortion some have experienced at higher volumes were some points of contention for some users. Some users may also find the 33 feet connection range too short. All in all, for its price, the Anker Classic easily competes with the best bluetooth speakers in its price range.


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