Anker Premium Stereo

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  • Clean bass that doesn't distort at high volumes
  • Easy Bluetooth pairing
  • Overall performance for its price range


  • Can be a bit too bassy at lower volumes
  • Can sound too distorted at lower volumes
  • Doesn't act as a speaker phone

Bottom Line

The Anker Premium Stereo is great speaker when played at louder volumes and because of how easy it is to pair via Bluetooth, it is a great portable speaker.

The Anker Premium Stereo is a best selling portable Bluetooth speaker that has received positive user feedback for its noticeably clear and loud bass at loud volumes, its easy pairing with Bluetooth devices and its overall performance capabilities for its price range, with some users suggesting that the speaker outperforms speakers in the $100-$200 price range. However, users pointed out that it did tend to sound too bassy at lower volumes, suggesting that bass only sat well at loud volumes. A similar issue pointed out by users was that at lower volumes, the speaker can sound a tad distorted, while this was generally rectified by playing music at loud volumes.  The fact that it didn’t have a microphone, enabling it to act as a speakerphone, was also an aspect that some users were unhappy with. All in all, the Anker Premium Stereo portable Bluetooth packs a big sound that allows it to compete with more expensive Bluetooth speakers.

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