Anker SoundCore Sport XL

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(as of 26-04-2018 14:19 UTC) Details
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  • Built tough
  • Excellent Bluetooth range
  • Good bass response
  • Excellent customer service
  • Well priced for overall performance


  • Some may be critical of its apparently compressed sound delivery
  • Design not for everyone

Bottom Line

The Anker SoundCore Sport is a sturdy, durably built Bluetooth waterproof speaker with an IPX67 rating, making it a great for outdoor use.

The Anker SoundCore Sport XL portable Bluetooth speaker has received positive reviews for its good bass response, its excellent customer service, its price for the overall performance and its excellent battery life. Users also liked its solid and rugged build, suggesting that it is built for more demanding terrain. However, some users thought found that the overall sound is oddly compressed at times, losing its dynamic range. While some were slightly more skeptical of the sound quality, others did not find any issues with it and thought that the Anker SoundCore Sport XL was a worthwhile purchase.


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