C2G 41312 outdoor speaker

C2G 41312

Positive Reviews
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  • Decent sound quality
  • Good Bluetooth Range
  • Good build


  • May not have enough bass
  • Signal interference from mobile devices

Bottom Line

The C2G 41312 is a decent wireless outdoor speaker that offers an okay sound experience. It functions fine as an outdoor speaker but doesn't compete with the higher priced speakers.

The C2G 41312 outdoor wireless speakers have received positive reviews for their decent sound performance, most notably its decent high end. Users also liked how strong the Bluetooth signal was and how far it was able to reach. Users also found that they had a solid build and it easily blends in with the environment due to its rock shape. However, it can pick up cellphone signals at times, which is audible through the speakers. The bass response is also apparently not that great. The C2G 41312 outdoor wireless speaker is a decent speaker that delivers as an outdoor speaker system (not in the same way higher priced speakers do) in a satisfactory way that should satisfy most casual listeners ears.

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