Creative T15

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  • Great clarity with both movies and music
  • Small and powerful
  • Great bass response for speaker size


  • Potenital audible hiss when connected via bluetooth

Bottom Line

The Creative T15 2.0 speaker system is great for small room listening. They offer a great sound for both music and movies, but can give an audible hiss when played at lower volumes while connected to Bluetooth.

The Creative T15 wireless computer speakers have received positive reviews for their overall clarity, with users saying they are both musically clear and vocals are audible. Users were also happy with their appearance, size and satisfactory bass response. User were however fairly critical of an audible hiss sound that could be caused by the Bluetooth connection, with one user saying that it disappeared completely when plugged in via the auxiliary connection. The Creative T15s are all-in-all a great and convenient little Bluetooth speaker that definitely offers and overall good listening experience.

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