DKnight MagicBox II

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  • Far reaching Bluetooth range
  • Clear sound
  • 10 -12 hour battery life


  • Struggles to be heard in noisy areas even at high volumes
  • Doesn't come with a protective bag

Bottom Line

GThe DKnight II is a great portable Bluetooth speaker with a solid battery life, great Bluetooth range and excellent sound. It may however not get loud enough for some and it doesn't come with a protective bag.

The DKnight Magicbox II Ultra-Portable is a bestselling, small portable Bluetooth speaker that received positive reviews for its sound clarity, far reaching Bluetooth range, portability and its 10-12 hour battery life. However, although it plays at high volumes, some reviewers pointed out that it struggles to be heard in noisy areas. The fact that it did not come with a protective bag was also a downside for some. The DKnight Magicbox II is the perfect portable Bluetooth speaker for users who are looking for good quality sound at an affordable price.



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