inaRock-10W-LED -Bluetooth-Speaker

InaRock 10W Wireless LED

Mixed Reviews
(as of 11-11-2018 14:20 UTC) Details
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  • LED lights
  • Sound Quality
  • MicroSD support


  • Random Light mode cycling
  • Size (height)

Bottom Line

InaRock 10w Wireless LED Bluetooth speaker is a very visually appealing speaker with its colorful LED light display. It has an excellent sound quality and the fact that it supports a SD card makes it versatile. The LED light visualizations can cycle randomly and it does stand a bit too tall for some.

The InaRock 10w Wireless LED Bluetooth Speaker has received positive reviews for its colorful LED features, it’s multi-functional ability to play through an SD card and its excellent overall sound quality. Users were however skeptical of how tall the speaker is along with the random light cycling at lower volumes, skipping through some of the 5 lighting modes. The bass also doesn’t seem to be heavy enough for some users and the battery life proved less than satisfying for some. All in all, the InaRock 10W Wireless LED Bluetooth speaker is an appealing choice because of the entertaining light LED visualization and overall performance, easily competing with other Bluetooth speakers in its price range.


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