Kinivo LS210

Positive Reviews
(as of 23-06-2024 18:22 UTC) Details
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  • Decent sound quality
  • Able to play at loud volumes
  • Portable
  • Clip-on design


  • Clip may become weaker over time

Bottom Line

The Kinivo LS210 is a great clip-on soundbar that offers audio that will definitely outshine built-in laptop audio in every way possible. Its portability also makes this a great buy.

The Kinivo LS20 has received positive reviews for its clip-on design and portability. Its overall sound quality is also reportedly good, with users saying that it is significantly richer and louder than built-in laptop speakers. Users did however point out that the clip can become loose, suggesting that it may need a stronger spring to keep it clipped to the top of the laptop screen. The Kinivo LS210 does however seem to deliver as a laptop speaker and it is also really well priced.



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