Logitech X300 speaker

Logitech X300

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  • Good mid and high range frequencies
  • Well priced
  • Compact size
  • Loud


  • Bass limited at higher volumes
  • Short battery life

Bottom Line

The well-priced Logitech X300 has a good sound reproduction in the mid and high frequencies, but at higher volumes, the bass may cut out in order to avoid distortion. The battery life is also rather short.

The Logitech X300 portable speaker has received positive reviews for its price and its audio quality, with users finding that the highs and mids are clear. Users also liked its size and its overall volume. However, some users found that the bass gets compressed/limited when the speaker is too loud in order to avoid distortion. Some also found the battery life rather short, and would have liked it to last longer. The Logitech X300 has a short battery life and a bass limiting feature that kicks when the speaker is played too loudly, but it is well priced offers clear mid and high frequencies.

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  • 80
    Cnet July 8, 2014

    At around $60 online, the decently performing and well-designed Logitech X300 is a relative bargain in the mini Bluetooth speaker category.

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