Logitech Z906

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  • Good surround sound audio
  • Solid bass
  • Speakers’ volumes are individually adjustable
  • Can play loudly without distorting
  • Useful remote control
  • Convenient control pod


  • No HDMI connection
  • Long-term durability concerns

Bottom Line

The Logitech Z906 computer speaker doubles up as a home theater system that offers great surround sound and has a solid low end thanks to the dedicated sub, but the lack of HDMI and long-term durability was a let down for some.

The Logitech Z906 5.1 surround speakers have received positive reviews for their included remote control and their convenient control pod, their 5.1 surround sound quality, deep bass and their lack of distortion. One user also liked that the speakers are individually adjustable in terms of their output. However, some users found that their durability is questionable and due to them being an older model, they don’t have an HDMI connection. The Logitech Z906 is a great 5.1 surround speaker for computers that has a solid dedicated sub and good surround sound qualities, but their durability is questionable and they do not have an HDMI input.



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