Mackie CR Series CR3

Positive Reviews
(as of 18-07-2024 01:36 UTC) Details
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  • Excellent price
  • Great mid and high frequency responses
  • Decent soundstage
  • Small and portable design


  • Lacks low end
  • Overheating issues in warmer conditions

Bottom Line

There have reports pointing towards overheating issues with the Mackie CR3, but for the price, the sound quality is great, especially for those looking for entry level bookshelf speakers that are excellent for critical listening applications.

The Mackie CR Series CR3 multimedia bookshelf speaker has received positive reviews for its great mid and high frequency responses, their great price, their decent soundstage and small and portable design. However, some found that they do lack some low end bass and some had an issue with the amps overheating, especially in warmer conditions. The Mackie CR series CR3 functions as an excellent bookshelf speaker at a super low price and can be used for entry level studio monitors too.



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