OSD Audio BTP-525WHT - Outdoor speakers

OSD Audio BTP-525WHT

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  • Decent sound quality
  • Easy to pair with Bluetooth devices
  • Good overall loudness


  • Mostly mid range frequency response
  • On/off switch in awkward location
  • Bluetooth range may not be long enough

Bottom Line

The OSD Audio BTP-525WHT is a decent outdoor speaker that offers an overall okay sound. If you are looking for seriously good sound with excellent frequency responses and excellent sound, you may need to look into purchasing something a tad bit more expensive.

The OSD AUDIO BTP-525WHT wireless outdoor patio speaker has received positive reviews for its overall loudness, decent sound quality, and how easy it is to pair with Bluetooth playback devices.  Users did, however point out that the on/off switch is in quite an awkward location when set up on the wall. Some also found that the Bluetooth range is not that great along with pointing out that although the sound is decent, it is definitely entry level audio quality as the frequency responses are mostly mid range frequencies. All-in-all, they do they do a decent job of providing entertainment for people who enjoy casually listening to music outside.

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