Polk Audio TSi100

Positive Reviews
(as of 23-06-2024 15:07 UTC) Details
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  • Great clarity
  • Impressive soundstage
  • Warm mids and clean highs


  • Lacks bass

Bottom Line

The Polk Audio TSi100 bookshelf speaker is a neat speaker system that offers a warm and clean mid and high frequency range, but requires a sub for a more full-bodied sound.

The Polk Audio TSi100 bookshelf speaker received positive reviews for its warm mids and clean high end. They are said to offer excellent overall clarity along with an impressive stereo image. They are also easy on the eye and will complement their surroundings quite comfortably. Users did however find that they did lack some bass and that a subwoofer may needed to boost those lower frequencies. The Polk Audio TSi100 bookshelf speaker delivers excellent mid and high end clarity, but a subwoofer will definitely offer a more rounded and fuller sound.


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