Sound Appeal SA-BLAST5-BL best outdoor wireless speaker

Sound Appeal SA-BLAST5-BL

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  • Good sound
  • Easy to setup


  • May not be loud enough
  • Power cords may not be long enough
  • Power cords may not waterproof

Bottom Line

The Sound Appeal SA-BLAST5-BL is a great wireless outdoor speaker as it offers a clean and rich sound. you will just need to watch the power cords as they do not seem to be waterproof as per user reviews.

The Sound Appeal SA-BLAST5-BL wireless Bluetooth speaker has received positive reviews for how easy it is to set up, its aesthetic appeal and for its overall clarity and good sound, offering a rich sound according to users. Some users did however find that they did not offer incredible volumes and that the power cords could be longer. Although there were no complaints about the durability, the power cord is apparently not waterproof, which could cause a couple of issues down the line if they are not properly insulated. All-in-all, the Sound Appeal SA-BLAST5-BL does deliver a good overall sound and delivers well on its function as an outdoor wireless speaker.



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