ZENBRE Z3 Bluetooth speaker

Zenbre SoundBank Z3

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  • Deep and resonant bass
  • Good stereo performance at higher volumes
  • Good Bluetooth transmission
  • Comes with an FM option


  • Loud voice assistant function
  • Does not have a display for the FM frequencies
  • Shared volume and skip buttons

Bottom Line

The Zenbre Z3 is a Bluetooth speaker for users who like listening to FM radio and who like resonant bass. Its Bluetooth transmission is great and can maintain a solid performance at high volumes. Its voice assistant function can become annoying however and the shared skip and volumes can take a while to get used to.

The Zenbre SoundBank Z3 is a best selling Bluetooth speaker and has received positive reviews for its deep and resonant bass, good stereo performance at higher volumes, good Bluetooth transmission and the fact the it has a FM option. However, reviewers were critical of its loud voice assistant function, the fact that it did not have a display for the FM frequency function and its shared volume and skip buttons.  Overall, the Zenbre SoundBank Z3 is a good speaker that delivers a solid performance.



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