How to Tell If Your Speakers Are Too Big For Your Room

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How to Tell If Your Speakers Are Too Big For Your Room

When we buy speakers, many of us always choose the biggest and most powerful speakers we can afford. The thinking is that these will sound better. But that isn’t always the case. In reality, you need to size your speakers based on the room in which they will be living and pumping out sound.

Today, let’s check out the signs that the speakers you bought are too much big for your room so you can finally understand why your audio doesn’t sound quite as good as you hoped when you made your purchase.

1. Music and Audio Sounds Muddy

You want speakers that when positioned correctly, will mix together to provide a full and rich sound filled with all the detail in the audio. Unfortunately, when you buy speakers that are too large, they won’t mix well together. The end result is a sound that is muddy and poor quality. Remember, this isn’t the speakers’ fault, but yours as speakers that are too powerful require a much larger room in order to mix the audio together the way it was meant to be.

2. Your Room Rattles

I remember a set of computer speakers I bought once, every time they pumped out any sound above about a level 3 setting, my entire room would shake. At first, that was fun. However, after a while, I grew to hate it. My window would rattle and everything would vibrate in the room. I had bought speakers that were just too much for the small office where I worked and it caused me more grief in the end.


3. You Have to Turn It Down LOW

It’s fun to turn up the volume on your speakers. We all want loud music and movies from time to time. However, if your speakers are too large, you will find yourself cranking that volume down on a regular basis. You will end up keeping it pretty low so it is manageable in your room. The end result is you miss out on some of the best parts of high quality speakers as you won’t hear everything going on in the mix at such a low volume.


Speaker size doesn’t always matter. Sure, you want to buy the biggest and best you can, but you have to consider the room in which they will live. If you get speakers that are too large, you won’t be happy with the sound. You will be forced to turn everything down and you could actually miss out on the best mix and power in your music and movies.

So remember, when you are shopping for speakers, please consider the room where they will be before you make your final decision. Whatever you do, don’t overbuy. You will not only waste money but you will be creating sound that just won’t cut it if you love quality music and movie audio in your room.

Have you ever bought speakers that were just too much for their room? If so, tell me about it in the comments below.

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