Will Good Speakers Change Your Game Experience?

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Will Good Speakers Change Your Game Experience

Video games are more popular than they have ever been, and modern games have combined amazing graphics, superb soundtracks and audio along with amazing stories to create some of the most compelling game experiences ever conceived. Still, many gamers, whether on console or on their PCs, fail to take into consideration how important their speakers are to an amazing game experience. So how important is it, really? Let’s look at a few ways it can change your game experience, not matter what type of game you want to play.

The Music

The first thing you will notice about any game in the music. Now, I know you can all hum the Super Mario Brothers theme song. Who can’t? But that’s just one example of how important music can be to a game. Today, that tune instantly takes us back to those years of jumping on turtles. It really added something to the game. It added ambience, making the game fun when it needed to be, and even a little spookiness when you when into the dungeons.

Modern music in games does much the same. It’s audio cues can tell us what we are about to experience and the catchy title music can instantly make us remember what we loved, or hated about a game. So why turn the music off when you’re playing, when it is obviously so important to your overall experience?

Sound Effects

Sound effects are probably even more important to a game than the music. Sound effects cover everything from the sounds your character makes moving around and jumping and/or shooting to the ambient sounds you hear around you. These sounds can give you audio cues that an enemy is coming or something is about to happen. When you hear something from behind, you could have someone sneaking up on you.

These different types of sounds not only allow you to determine where danger lurks, but also really add to the world. They give the game world a more real feel to it, thus pulling you into the game and giving you a true feeling of escape from the real world. Without them, you are just looking at moving drawings on a screen. How fun is that?

Surround Sound

I can’t write about the importance of sound without talking about surround sound. In modern titles, surround sound is almost as important as the graphics. With surround sound, you will hear the sounds fill you ears from all around you, truly pulling you in for a unique and engaging experience. I can’t tell you how much I love surround sound in my games.

But more than that, they help you identify danger and clues from all around you. This is even more important in online play on your favorite FPS. Another player could be sneaking up behind you, for instance, going in for the kill. But if you hear them, you can react properly and you could even become the hunter instead of the hunted.

Final Thoughts

While you may focus on the graphics of your favorite games, you can’t discount the sound. Great sound and good speakers can greatly improve your overall gaming experience while you play. Whether you play on a console connected to a television or on your favorite gaming computer, make sure you get good speakers. Trust me, you will be glad you did.

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